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Invest in your health and remember managing what you eat contributes to your health and well-being. We offer a HIPAA-compliant Telehealth session.

Step 1: Free 15 minute Introductory call

Step 2: Virtual Nutrition Consultation

Step 3: Follow up

Begin the process to a healthier diet & lifestyle with a quick, 15-minute discovery call. This introductory call we will go over your nutritional goal and programs and services I offer and how aligned it will be towards your goal. If you decide to move forward you will receive information emailed from us on how to take the next step forward to set up an appointment.

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With a strong understanding of your background and goals, we’ll begin to brainstorm an integrated path to health and wellness that fits your dietary needs. We’ll discuss your usual diet, lifestyle, and your goals for the future. Together, we’ll dive into your habits, perspective, and experiences, so that we can move forward and develop a lifestyle plan that's uniquely suited for you. From meal ideas, staple foods, and lifestyle changes, we’ll embark on a joint journey to fulfilling your health goals, whether it is evidence-based weight management, Nutrition counseling, Medical Nutrition Therapy based on the client's physical presence in certain states due to licensing requirements, or just becoming a healthier version of yourself.

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After developing a personalized care plan, these follow-up check-ins will allow us to gauge progress, maintain consistency, and make sure you’re on track to meet your short-term and long-term goals. We’ll talk about barriers or obstacles and come up with solutions to navigate. By continuing these efforts through periodic follow-up, we’ll be able to instill long-term nutritional habits that promote an overall healthier, sustainable lifestyle. In order to keep the momentum going, we strongly urge you to schedule a follow-up 4 weeks after an initial consultation and follow up with additional consults to keep the momentum going.

Consult 1 Jan 3
Consult 2 (4 wks after 1st)Jan 31
Consult 3 (4 wks after 2nd)Feb 28
Consult 4 (6 wks after 3 rd)April 11

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If you need a cooking demonstration or plant-based recipe or program development please call 508 963 8537 or email to discuss.
We can assist in developing new recipes to include in your menu or can look at your existing routine inventory and come up with suggestions on how to incorporate more plant-based options or look at your menu and offer suggestions to include more plant-based options and guide you on important cooking tips to make sure the food is cooked with minimal exposure to animal products.

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