Greenlyfe Nutrition

Reach the healthiest version of yourself.

At Greenlyfe Nutrition we provide one-on-one virtual nutrition counseling and work with corporate clients catering to nutrition-related projects. We are committed to empowering individuals to elevate and transform their health and lifestyle to a higher level guided by evidence-based nutritional principles in order to incorporate a wholesome plant-based diet.

Food as Medicine

The food we eat can be our lifelong healthcare partner โ€“ but navigating that relationship on your own can be challenging. Leave it to us to guide you in the journey to better health and wellbeing.


Personalized Approach

We get that food can be complicated. We strongly believe that a one size fits all plan will not work and that you are your own unique individual. Culture, health, and your environment all influence the way you eat.

Plant-Based Focus

We will empower you to adapt a plant-powered approach to address your nutritional needs. We’ll be able to meet you where you’re at on your plant based journey and craft a plan unique to you.ย 


Shoba Balaji MS, RDN, LDN

Founder & CEO of Greenlyfe Nutrition

I am a passionate dietitian/nutritionist promoting plant-based living backed by evidence-based up to date scientific knowledge, training, and certification. I combine knowledge and wisdom inherited from multi-generational plant-based living, and I’m eager to work with clients at various stages of change towards a plant-based approach. I understand the frustration of someone just starting out in the plant-based diet journey and I will assist in your journey in a plant-based diet and help you to manage your overall nutritional health and wellbeing. In addition, my prior experience in food technology helps me understand how to best manipulate ingredients in the recipe to make them healthier, tastier and the best meal plan for you. Overall, I bring a holistic and knowledgable perspective to nutrition, and I’m passionate about using these skills to strive towards a healthier, balanced lifestyle.ย 

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